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    Small Business Person Of The Year

    Colleen J. Payne-Nabors works with organizations that want to create, organize and lead successful businesses that will always have a competitive edge.

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  • Colleen’s Story

    Colleen J. Payne has a non-stop motivating ability to empower others to reach their highest potential.

    Colleen J. Payne went from being one out of eight children in a small town of Oklahoma to a nationally recognized entrepreneur and distinguished public speaker. She has been awarded many times for her entrepreneurial spirit and named Oklahoma Small Business Person of the Year in 2007 as well as One of the Most Influential People in Tulsa, OK. Her candid approach to enabling people to succeed is dynamic and one of a kind. She captivates audiences with her ability to put into words how they can succeed by “doing it their way”.

    After you have encountered Colleen J. Payne, you will feel empowered to succeed and be equipped with all the tools you need to be an accomplished individual or to grow a successful business.

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    Recent Blog Posts

    Santa & Mrs. Claus

    Posted by on Dec 02

    Families receive complimentary photo w/ the Clauses!
    Children receive a new age-appropriate free book from Santa!
    Everyone enjoys entertainment by choirs, dancers, gymnists, martial artists and many others!
    Event Sponsored by THE MOTHERS GROUP INC

    Greenwood Cultural Center 322 North Greenwood Ave., Tulsa, OK

    SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2010 @ 9am until 12noon – Free of Charge

    Elevator Pitch

    Posted by on Nov 11

    Top Ten Tips for Creating a Memorable Elevator Speech

    1 – Know who you are trying to reach or influence.  Understand the specific needs and concerns of your target audience, customer, or client.

    2 – Have the end game in mind at the beginning.  What result do you want from the conversation?

    3 – Keep it brief.  If you can’t capture their attention in the first 10 seconds, continuing to talk won’t help!

    4 – What’s in it for them?  Why should they care about what you have to say?

    5 – Talk about your results, not the process.  If I ask you what time it is, don’t tell me how the watch works!

    6 – Listen and ask relevant questions.  The best way to generated interest in others is to be interested in them.

    7 – Elevators speeches are not data dumps. Don’t try to tell them everything about everything!

    8 – Make it intriguing.  You want them to say “Oooh, tell me some more about that!?

    9 – Test it and refine it.  How are people responding? Are you getting the results you want?

    10 – Keep it fresh!  If you are bored with it, imagine how your audience feels!

    Copyright © Howell 2010 Seattle

    Oklahoma State University Bootcamp

    Posted by on Nov 04

    Colleen will be speaking in the OSU bootcamp session on Raising Money, Determining Value and Structuring the deal.


    700 N. Greenwood Ave

    Tulsa, Ok 74106

    Ways to Stay Empowered

    Posted by on Oct 26
    1. Don’t take things personal
    2. Don’t make excuses
    3. Get to the point. You have 5 seconds to get his attention
    4. Don’t accept poor treatment from anyone
    5. Don’t Declare war on others openly
    6. Keep personal information…personal. Don’t share with business contacts
    7. Don’t ask for internal affirmation
    8. Don’t gossip or share secrets’
    9. Don’t expect fairness. Choos who you will and won’t do business with

    10. Don’t try to be liked or selfless. It is more important to be respected.

    11. Ask for what you want (not for what you think you can get)

    12. Get clear on business endorsement and find someone who can help you build business in a way you want to build it.

    Print these out and stick them in your workspace and review.

    2010 Diversity Women’s Business Leadership Conference

    Posted by on Oct 22

    Colleen will be contributing to the Health Panel at the conference. The Theme of the conference for 2010 is Addressing The Diverse & Multicultural Women’s Leadership Gap. The participants will gain information on Leadership and Diversity. The Conference will also honor several women for their works in issues of diversity and leadership among the honorees are Dr. Maya Angelou.

    Exceptional Merit in Media Award

    Posted by on Oct 12

    The EMMAs: Exceptional Merit in Media Award

    Colleen will be attending the EMMAs: Exceptional Merit in Media Awards. The EMMAs were developed to honor journalism and media outlets including radio, television and print that educate the public about critical issues that impact women’s lives. The movie Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire will be receiving recognition for Exceptional Film.

    Colleen’s visit to the White House

    Posted by on Oct 07

    Colleen Payne, was one of about 70 people who attended the White House Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference on Monday in Washington, D.C. Colleen joined a mix of business owners, women’s leaders, Obama administration officials, academics and lenders to discuss the critical challenges, opportunities and solutions involved in moving the women’s business agenda to the next level. Colleen received an unexpected e-mailed invitation last week to attend the conference from the White House Council on Women and Girls, the Small Business Administration, the Department of Commerce and the Treasury Department.

    The White House Council on Women and Girls aims to ensure that federal agencies take into account the particular needs and concerns of the female demographic. Colleen, like others attending the conference, took part in break-out sessions where participants shared ideas on how the government could help female-owned businesses and improve their access to loans, which was identified as one of the biggest obstacles for women entrepreneurs.

    The White House

    Posted by on Oct 01

    Yes, the White House called Colleen! Colleen J. Payne has been ask to be a part of the conference for Women Entrepreneurs in Small Business, October 4th, 2010. The conference will bring together a mix of business owners, women leaders, and government experts to move the women’s business agenda to the next level.

    Washington D.C

    Posted by on Oct 01

    Colleen was in Washington D.C. September 29,2010 to support  Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Senator Gillibrand is mostly known for replacing Hillary Clinton in the New York State Senate.

    Photo includes Colleen J. Payne, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Edie Fraser.

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